About the Voluntary Program

Chairman’s Message

"Volunteer work is distinguished by our wise leadership, and in light of DMT’s keenness to devote volunteering and consolidate its culture in our society, we offer you the Volunteer Portal for both individuals and institutions.

The portal aims to develop opportunities for participation and voluntary community work in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi."

H.E. Falah Al Ahbabi
Chairman of the Department of Municipalities and Transport

Why Volunteer?

Volunteering is an act of community service carried out by an individual or group of people, who freely give their time to help others.

It contributes significantly towards community development and social cohesion for the advancement of society.

Each role reflects concerted efforts to achieve these community objectives, while embodying the true essence of cooperation for the benefit of every individual and the country.

Volunteering Areas

• Conserving and protecting the environment
• Human rights and social activities
• Health and sports issues
• Emergency relief and humanitarian work
• Culture and heritage
• Education
• Administrative and technical support

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